Orchids,Orchids And More Orchids

In Gualaceo, an hour’s bus ride from Cuenca lies the home of Ecuagenera, the home of over 6000 varieties of Orchids. You can take a tour of the facility for $3 per person and see how the orchids are developed and sold.

This was my second visit and was well worth the trip. Run, don’t walk to Ecuagenera

Gualaceo Y Chordeleg

On Saturday Estefe and her sister-in-law Maria Luise led a tour with 8 other expats to Gualaceo and Chordeleg.  The highlight of the trip was touring the orchid gardens and the Jewelry workshop of Gilberto.  We stopped of at the Mercado in Chordeleg for fresh pulled pork.  Great trip.

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