Google Translate And The iPad Split Screen

If you are  using iPads that supports Split View(IOS 9 feature) you will be able to use Google Translate along with the new feature. So if you’re sending an email or text and need to translate, you can see both apps at the same time. And it even works with text from online books or websites.

There are a lot of helpful tips on the Google Translate Blog.



Google Translate App. Just Got Better

There are two major changes to the translate app that runs on both the iPhone and Android phones.

1. When the app is open you can tap the camera icon and point your phone at the foreign  phrase. The app then translates on the fly the whole image. Worked very well for me today on my first tryScreenshot_2015-01-17-12-38-24


2. When two people are speaking (Spanish/English) you can tap the mic and the app will start a dialog with the two languages. Very cool.

You can find out more information on the Official Google Blog