The Cloud Revisited

My wife and I returned from the U.S last week and I was able to travel to Oregon, Idaho and California without a computer thanks to the cloud. I could receive my email via the Google Cloud. I could retrieve my photos via the Yahoo Cloud, I could read my books via the Amazon Cloud and finally hear all of my music via the Apple Cloud.

Two years ago I advised new purchasers of computers, tablets and smartphones to buy as much memory as they could afford. Today, with the advent of free cloud services I tell people to buy the minimum memory configuration.

The following are the free storage available to any user.

  • iCloud (Apple) 5 gb
  • Google Mail And Drive 15 GB
  • Youtube – Virtually unlimted videos uploads
  • Flickr (Yahoo) a whopping 1 TB  (1000 GB ) of photo storage

There are other services like Dropbox, Pogoplub, Box etc that also offer free gigs of storage.

This blog is being stored on the WordPress Cloud.

Bottom line – take advantage of the many free, safe and reliable cloud storage systems to streamline your life.


Zero Dollar Movies

Attention all Cinema Fans.  Can you ever get enough free movies? Living in Ecuador you have fewer choices than living in North America. I’m in the perusing stage of Zero Dollar Movies but my first impressions are that the movie choices are limited but promising.

Zero Dollar Movies is really an idex site of movies that play on You Tube. Definitely worth a look.




Five Best Free Websites To Learn A Language

I have lived in Ecuador for just over 2 years and getting to be conversational in Spanish has remained a challenge.  I could say it was my age but that would be a poor excuse. I think for sure it is motivation. I can get by on the street, restaurants, taxis,shopping, mercados, bargaining and buses with my Spanish. I can understand about 60% of a conversation when the speaker talks muy lento. But, putting a paragraph together with proper verb tenses still remains a challenge.

Learn a language for free: the five best websites  


The above website provides 5 different programs. In several days I’ll report back on my favorite.  Feel free to comment your favorite one.