Easy Taxi – Follow-up

I promised to follow-up on my first impression of EASY TAXI,

Since Sept 28th I have requested a cab from Easy Taxi 9 times. You may ask yourself “Does he really keep count of his taxi requests”. And the answer is “NO”, but the Easy Taxi app does and in the history it reports back the date, the driver and the rating that I gave my Easy Taxi¬†experience.

Here’s the instant replay

  • 9 requests – 8 successful pickups
  • All within 3 minutes of the promised arrival time
  • The one unsuccessful request was made at 6:00 pm and it was rainy. I gave up waiting for a response
  • Is there an extra charge for the service. It says that the driver can charge and extra 50 cents.
  • No driver requested more than the metered price
  • Can you use the smartphone without a data plan. Only if you stay within Wif-Connection distance

Easy Taxi – a great reason to own a smartphone in Ecuador.