Television In Cuenca – Revisited

In April of 2012 I wrote a post about our TV services in Cuenca. A lot has changed in 18 months. We no longer have DirecTV and now our TV viewing is based on the following services.

I have installed a VPN Router. For the non geeks in the audience my VPN router came from Sabai Technology

This router basically is configured with VPN software and every time I  turn my computer, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV my Internet presence is in Miami and not in Ecuador. This allows me to watch anything on the web, Netflix, Amazon, Hula etc as if I was living in the U.S.  I received a great deal of help from  Larry Schunk.  He is a rep. for Sabai in Cuenca. I have his contact info and you can send me an email ( for that info.

You also need to subscribe to VPN software. I use Strong VPN as my service. Good customer support and very reliable.

Summary of Costs:

  • One Time Cost: VPN Router $150
  • Yearly VPN subscription $90
  • Monthly Netflix Subscription: $8
  • Yearly Amazon Prime Subscription $70


  • No configuration of VPN software
  • All your devices are connected
  • Full Netflix and Amazon Prime Video collection available to you >10K titles
  • Watch any TV website on the Internet


  • Initial Expense
  • Yearly recurring fee
  • Slight loss of Internet connection speed

I highly recommend this route. We watch great BBC and American TV series with no limitation.

appletv for blog2

Television In Cuenca

Recently there was a discussion on “Ecuador Expat Group” on Facebook about watching “The NCAA Basketball Final Four” Some interesting posts were raised. I thought I would share my experience with DirecTV and encourage other people to share their experience with TV Cable, the other TV provider in Cuenca.

DirecTV Installation, Setup and Cost:

  • The installation crew showed up as promised and on time.  The installation went flawless and took 20 minutes.
  • I opted for the HD Recorder and the basic packages
  • Cost for Installation was $84
  • Cost per month is $43 – taken out of my credit card on the first of each month

DirecTV Pros:

  • Extremely reliable
  • Pristine picture
  • Easy to use remote
  • English Track on select programs

DirecTV Cons:

  • No Network (ABC, CBS,NBC) programming. Fox is available
  • Limited English channels
  • Limited selection of movies
  • No PBS programs

To be fair my wife and I are not avid TV watchers.  I will probably cancel the DirecTV contract at the end of April. The initial contract was for 6 months.  I find myself using Apple TV for NBC and CBS News and tech video podcasts.

I’ll look forward to posting comments from others who subscribe to DirecTV and TV Cable.