Get The Best Price While Shopping Online

Shopping Online for Tech Gadgets is even more important living in Cuenca then when I lived in the U.S. Why? Electronics here, if you can find them are usually 30% higher than in the U.S. Usually I have the electronics shipped to a friend or relative in the US. and I pick it up on my next trip or a friend will mule it in for me.

Donald Bell from CNET tells how to navigate the Online maze to get the very best price at the right time and most likely avoid the shipping charge.


My Favorite Podcasts Part One

Most of the people I know in Cuenca are retired and are always looking for new ways of learning. I have been a big advocate of Podcasts. What’s a podcast?  Simply stated a Podcast is A multimedia digital file made available on the Internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, etc.

I watch my podcasts on my Apple TV but you can watch your podcast on your computer, smartphone or other digital device. In Part One of a four part series I highly recomment CNET’s Top 5 with Donald Bell.  The podcast is usually under 4 minutes and he discusses 5 technology choices.  This week’s episode is the Top Five Smartphone Cameras. 

Please comment in this post with your favorite podcast