Vendors Of Cuenca Ecuador


I love walking the streets of Cuenca with my HD Camcorder.  I have said many times that Cuenca reminds me of my childhood Brooklyn, New York in the 1950’s.  I especially enjoy the sales pitch of the vendors when they bellow their bargains out in a song.

Today was especially crowded because of the “first communions” in El Centro.  Plenty of traffic and many bus routes had to be diverted. Of course my favorite part of the walk is when I can use my newly acquired Spanish to bargain with the street vendors.


This is repost of August 2012 entry.

The Big Race

At 10:30 this morning I called a taxi for a trip to El Centro. The taxi company told me that they couldn’t get me to El Centro because of the big race.  My guess is that it’s similar to a big city Marathon in North America.  I thought I could catch a bus – No luck.  I walked the 3 miles.  There were large crowds cheering the runners on in two locations. I finally made it to my appointment.  The video below is a 30 second clip of the race.