App Of The Month – Yahoo News Digest

I did a brief review of Yahoo Digest last year

Yahoo News Digest is my go to news source. I automatically receive updates at 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. The Digest is delivered in 9 easily digestible news categories i.e. (U.S., World, Sports, Technology etc). The real value for me is that if I want to explore the topic further Yahoo New Digest supplies and easy to use infrastructure. For example the devastating earthquake in Nepal had the following extra features for me.

yahoo news digest

  •  Quick fact- 6,204+ dead, 13,924 + injured
  •  Videos -Nepal Prime Minister and rescue attempts by the Nepalese Army
  •  Nepal – Government and Geography – Nepal is the 93rd largest country and the 41st most populous
  •  Nepal Maps
  • Relevant Tweets

Yahoo News Digest is available for both  IOS and Android. One of my top 5 apps for my phone.




Tablet, Phablet or Smartphone

I have a confession to make. Ever since I acquired the Nexus 5 Phone and the iPad Mini Retina I only use my Macbook for photo and video editing. Several days can go by without opening my computer. The tablet and smartphone are too powerful and portable to drag my notebook computer around. Tablets and smartphones have become more powerful and cheaper in the last year. Recently I read a quote that an iPhone 6 has more storage and computing power than President Bill Clinton had when he was President.

You can also purchase a Phablet like the Nexus 6 or the iPhone 6+ which is a smartphone with a large screen and a fast processor. The Nexus 6 has a 6 inch screen thus making watching HD Video a reality.

A new Nexus 7 tablet is now less than $200 and the iPad Mini is $249. Expect to pay $749 for a contract free iPhone 6+ and $649 for a Nexus 6. A Nexus 5 Smartphone ( I own this one ) is a great bargain at $349

My Day With My Nexus 5 and iPad Mini

My iPad is on my nightstand. I often look at email and notifications before I get dressed. I take my espresso and iPad into the Sun Room and answer email, Facebook messages and Blog comments.

On my walk into town I am listening to several podcasts on my smartphone. – Marketplace, Fresh Air, This American Life.

I stop off at a local Internet Cafe and take out my ipad Mini to answer email and play Contract Bridge on Bridge I sometimes Skype with friends and family

On my walk back home I will listen to Books On Tape or Amazon Music.

Later in the evening I will watch a movie on the iPad using  Netflix or Amazon Prime and finishing off the day with reading on my Kindle App.



Easy Taxi

Yesterday I tried the EASY TAXI service for the first time. At 6:10 pm I pressed the “REQUEST TAXI” button on my smartphone. In less than 30 seconds I get a message back with the following information.

  • Your taxi is 1-4 minutes away
  • The taxi drivers name, phone # and license plate #
  • A map with the location of the driver

I then followed the progress of the taxi to my house. It arrived exactly 3 minutes after I pressed the “REQUEST TAXI” button. No hassle with the driver or meter. At the end of the ride I was asked by the App if the experience was good or bad. No extra charge for the service.

Here is how you get started.

  • Download the free app (IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry)
  • Register your name phone # and email.
  • Good to go

Very, Very Cool. I have only used it one time. I’ll follow this post up if I have negative feedback but right now it works great.