Cuenca Ipad


Pad Users Group Meeting
Date: TBA
Time: 11:00 am
Agenda: TBA
Cost: $5 which includes coffee/tea and pastries
Please call or email for reservations and/or directions
Limited to 11 seats.
Cell: 099 122 1238




Taxi: From El Centro thell the driver to go West on  tres de noviembre and go under the tunnel. Very first right out of the tunnel is Urapan. Tell him to go right on Urapan. Urapan is very short(30 meters). Another right (for about 10  meters). Another right(  and you’re on Los Alamos.  We are the second house from the corner clearly marked 3-66

Bus: During the  Tranvia construction Bus #3 will make the first stop after going under the tunnel. After exiting the bus walk east (down river) for about 50 meterss 3 de noviembre will turn left and become Los Alamos.  Walk another 15  meters and our house is clearly marked 3-66

Bus #3  when  there is no tranvia stops at Ordoñez Lasso and Los Alamos. There is a bike store on the corner. You can walk  south 2 blocks to my house.


18 thoughts on “Cuenca Ipad

  1. Hi,
    I am buying an ipad 3 but i’m not sure whether to get the 4G or not. Is this something available in cuenca or should we just get the Ipad without the 4G network?

      • I beg to differ. The WiFi version is only good where you have a WiFi connection. I just spent a whole week with Etapa trying to get them to connect me, and in the end, they couldn’t. I have an iPad with 4G and out here 15 kilometers from Cuenca, I get great reception with Claro. Both my wife Taylor and I have iPads with cellular data and we can even view Len’s great videos. While it’s true that Ecuador doesn’t have LTE 4G, they do have (at least Claro has) HSPA+, which is very fast; not WiFi fast but much faster than regular 3G. What it boils down to Sherry is this: if you are almost always going to have a WiFi connection, you don’t need it. If you want to use it while traveling, even in the car, it’s worth it. I even use mine as an Internet base (which I do with my iPhone too) so that I can connect my computers to the Internet when there’s no WiFi available.

  2. Hi Lenny,
    I heard that the ipad3 gets hot on one side. I’m considering buying one, but is this something to be concerned about?


  3. I just ordered an iPad 2 with 3G. Do you know if anyone’s offering support here in Cuenca? I assumed as much, but would have been better to have checked ahead of time, I suppose 😉

    • Jedediah, there is Apple authorized reseller in Cuenca. Apple products are 30-40% higher in Ecuador than in the U.S. I’ll assume you purchased the IPad with a contract with a cellular provider. If so I hope it was AT&T. I am almost positive a Verizon CDMA 3G will not work in Ecuador. You will have to get it unlocked. Not a big expense – $10-$20. Other problem arise with an unlock(software updates).

      I have lived in Cuenca for almost a year. I started the IPad Users Group that meets every other Thursday. We also have a closed group on Facebook. Good luck with your new IPad

  4. 4G is now available in Guayaquil and Quito but is ridiculously expensive. I bought both my iPad 1 and 2 from the US that were from AT&T. Neither was locked and all I did was plug in a Movistar SIM.

  5. The iPad I ordered from the U.S. is the Verizon version. I’ve bought Verizon phones in the past and got them working without any difficulty so I was hoping this might be the same. When I get it (in June hopefully), I’ll be sure to let you know what I found out.

  6. I am having problems getting a Claro SIM card to work for my iPad 2. I tried a regular SIM card like my iphone but no way to call ‘*123#’ to initialize it. Claro folks in Bahia de Caraquez put in a Banda Acho type SIM card but it stopped working and I don’t have a phone # to recharge it. Any ideas?
    — sailor

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