Must Have Smartphone Accessory

Very early this morning a truck or a bus cut our low lying electrical cable from the street to the house. pulling out the pole and disconnecting our alarm box for the electrical fence. I had to make numerous phone calls to the alarm company, police, electric  company and as it turns out to the landlord because the electric company would not connect the electricity until we had a new pole. Add to the confusion my wife was pet sitting and I was supposed to meet her at noon

Cut to the chase my phone  after 25 phone calls my phone battery was at 15 % at noon. Needless to say without electricity I could not charge my smartphone battery. To the rescue came my Aukey quick charger and within 30 minutes I was at full power. A $20 gadget is priceless during an emergency.



Out Of Sorts

On Tuesday Aug. 16th I am having eye surgery at Exa Laser Clinic in Cuenca. It’s a two part surgery. The first is a vitrectomy to repair a thickening of the retina wall and the other part is a cataract removal with an addition of a lens. I had this operation on an emergency basis two years ago on the right eye. The surgeon injects gas to keep the retina in place. The difficult part is laying face down when the gas is still in the eye. I should be back in the saddle in 10 days.


My Prisma Addiction

Prisma runs on both IOS and Android and for the last 4 days I have spent about 30 hours messing with the app. Do not even think of downloading the app if you have an important deadline due. But, if you have some free time and want to be creative then run, don’t walk to Prisma and download the app.

I created a youtube video below to show the transformation from original to the prisma effect. Enjoy.

todos santos prisma


Fresh Salmon In Cuenca

So what is tech about Salmon in Cuenca.  Absolutely nothing. For those people who are not living in Cuenca or do not like Salmon you have my permission to stop reading this post.

I am now representing Productos Terrenova in Cuenca. Starting today you can order the following and have it delivered tomorrow.

  • Fresh Salmon – Individual portions or 1-3 kg fillets
  • Smoked Salmon (Lox) 100 – 1 kg  packages
  • Smoked Trout – 250 grams and fillets
  • Smoked and Fresh Organic Talapia
  • Fresh Octopus Carpaccio
  • Trout Caviar
  • Wakami Hiyashi (Seaweed Salad)
  • Wasabi

Free delivery on orders >$40 ( in the city limits of Cuenca)

Call 0991221238 or email ( for more information.


Favorite Cuenca Street Photos

Part of the joy living in a 460 year old colonial city is the buildings and the time of the day the sun illuminates those buildings. I always have my Nexus 6 Smartphone with me. Below are the same church shot.  The first one is unedited and the second I used Snapseed, a photo editing app available for both Android and IOS to remove the power lines.

I then added some more shots to Google Photos to create a short movie. Enjoy.

power line photo church

without power line church

5 Years In Cuenca – Muchisimas Gracias Ecuador

It was a very exciting day 5 years ago at Portland International Airport starting our adventure of a lifetime. 8 pieces of luggage, a 16 year old cat in a carrier and a few butterflies in our collective stomachs about what lies ahead.

Fast forward 5 years and many things have changed. Feisty, our cat has gone on to better times. Butch and Curry, our two rescue cats now share our lives We have assimilated into the Cuenca community have made wonderful local as well as expat friends. Our Spanish has become functional and hopefully one day will be conversational. Most of all we have a relatively stress free healthy life style and look forward to more years in our adopted country.

Below are some observations from our 5 years in Ecuador

  • An official guess is that there are 6000 expats living in Cuenca – up from about 800 5 years ago
  • Because of the skewed population (over 65 ) more of my friends are dying
  • I see younger expats moving to Cuenca and I like it
  • It is still very affordable to live in Cuenca. Inflation is below 4% a year
  • We have reliable affordable fiber optic internet to the house
  • The new Tranvia (light rail) has been delayed and won’t be operating till 2017. A big disappointment and aggravation to both Cuencanos and Expats
  • A great choice of restaurants in Cuenca including a new Persian and Thai restaurant.
  • More Poker and Bridge Games  🙂
  • Affordable government and private health insurance
  • Lastly, a vibrant and supportive Expat community

Below are two of my favorite videos that I shot in Cuenca. The first is a vignette of some street vendors. The second is a a Sunday afternoon in Parque Calderon.