Alexa Just Got Smarter

It’s been 8 months that I have been sharing my office with Alexa and her two smart speakers, the Echo and the Dot. For the most part I have been very satisfied with the products.  You can see one of my early reviews here 

I sometimes have to repeat requests but for the most part I am very satisfied and use the devices for

  • Listening to my Amazon music collection
  • Finding the correct spelling of words
  • News briefings
  • Manage our Capital One Account including making payments
  • Timers
  • Reminders

The last two I use several times a day and the Alexa app lacked the functionality of telling me what timer was going off and to name my reminders. That changed in the current update and now I can say ” Alexa, remind me in two days at 9:00 am to pay the electric bill.”.


2 thoughts on “Alexa Just Got Smarter

  1. Hi! My name is Carlos. I´m ecuadorian and live in Machala (4 hours from Cuenca). I have one Amazon Prime account
    Can I ask you something?
    It was easy to configure the Echo here in Ecuador? How do you do it?. I love technology and domotics and wanna buy one Echo and one Dot it but I´m afraid I can´t do it and cant use it. Do you use it with Philips Hue lights?

    Thanks in advance and sorry if bad english (I´m a self-taught)

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