Free Wifi In Cuenca (Feb. 2017)

Last year at this time I created a map on Free Wifi in Cuenca. GringoTree just published their own article about areas in the city where you can receive free Wifi offered by the City Of Cuenca.

I have duplicated last year’s map with some additions. Feelfree to make comments on your favorite wifi places and I will add them to the map.



2 thoughts on “Free Wifi In Cuenca (Feb. 2017)

  1. Lenny, sorry but I don’t have your email with me. I am in Florida on a short visit.

    Question about my Nexus 6: I am having charging issues. I bought the used phone through Amazon more than a year ago and it works well, just as you reported. Very happy I got it.

    I searched for a solution. I cleaned the slot for charging cable. I have two cables. Both okay. Wall adapter is good. So, it is bewildering in that it charges and then again it doesn’t.

    Have you gotten a new phone battery one time or more? Is the need to do that indicated from what l have said here? Are Motorola batteries available in Cuenca? (I won’t have time to get one through the Internet unless I leave my phone with my son since he will be in the States longer. I’d rather not do that.

    Would you kindly give a quick reply if it is possible?

    Thanks so much.

    Elaine Ness

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