New Year 2017 – Things That Will Disappear

Feliz Año Nuevo a todos. Last year I wrote a post about disappearing technology. In this post I would like to expand on this theme with some more observations.

  • I don’t use any CD’s anymore – My data backups are totally in the cloud
  • Last year I purchased approximately 20 DVD’s. This year it will be half as much since most of my movie watching is Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime.
  • Last year I had 5 remotes for TV and streaming video box watching and now I have none because of the Harmony Hub
  • Last year I used my iPad every day and now I sold it and primarily use my Google Nexus Smartphone
  • Finally I used to use my smartphone and computer for all my searches and now 50% of the searches and all of my music playing are accomplished using Echo, my smart speaker and the Alexa App.

What is disappearing in your life?



One thought on “New Year 2017 – Things That Will Disappear

  1. What has disappeared? My Mac Mini. I replaced it with a PC — way more RAM and storage for less than half the price. My HP has a CD/DVD drive and USB ports, plus a sharp 17-inch monitor. And came so loaded with software that it saved me even more. I still have my iPhone5 and my iPad3, but they will be replaced by other platforms as it becomes time. Because Apple has really gone off track.

    No audio port on the new phones, limited USB ports on all computer products, less storage and RAM for more money, and the watch? OMG, they even made a white Herb Tarleck model! By them, that’s innovation? Oy!

    I loved my Mac, and when I had it, my iMac. My first iPhone was a revelation, and up until my current 5, each iteration only made my life easier. No longer. I haven’t left Apple; Apple left me.

    Because my files are work related, I do keep both a Cloud backup and an external hard drive backup. We have had Cloud-based storage go “poof” on us so I keep both.

    What else has disappeared: Turntable, music CDs, vinyl records, and an expensive audio setup. We watch movies on demand through our cable provider. We don’t watch enough movies to make it cost-effective to subscribe to anything like Netflix. Also, we do have a Prime account, and I will be exploring that movie option now that I have the new PC.

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