Some Changes Coming To Cuenca Tech Life 2017

It’s with some sadness that I am ending my participation in the Cuenca iPad Users Group that I started more than 5 years ago. I just sold my iPad Mini. I am now vested in the Android Nexus Google Phone, The Echo and Dot smart speakers and the Amazon Fire 8 Tablet.

This forum will continue to be platform agnostic but my involvement with the iPad sadly will end.

I will also not be teaching any courses. My involvement in my new Salmon business is more than I planned. All these changes are positive and I look forward to your feedback.

I will also be doing a monthly recommendation on new businesses in the Cuenca area. As always I welcome your suggestions.

Happy New Year to the CuencaTechlife subscribers and readers.



5 thoughts on “Some Changes Coming To Cuenca Tech Life 2017

  1. Did I hear Salmon? As in smoked salmon. Any chance it’s wild?

    Etapa subscribers using the modem TD-W8961ND (Most) the modem has a known exploit aka rom-0 vulnerability. Until etapa upgrades the firmware. The exploit allows an attacker to gain admin rights to the modems web interface. Once in they can redirect all your traffic.

    • The Salmon comes from Chile and is farmed in cold deep water. The salmon is then cold smoked. Having lived both in New York and the Pacific Northwest I can say that this is the best salmon (fresh and smoked) that I have tasted.

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