Amazon Echo And Dot In Ecuador

In my last post I mentioned that I acquired an Amazon Echo and Dot Smart Speaker. I have installed the two devices and what follows are the benefits and one challenge that has developed in the last several days.

I installed the Echo in the living room next to the T.V. The Echo will pick up our voices from the living room, hall, kitchen, dining room and sun room. So far we have used the Echo to:

  • listen to our (separate) Amazon Prime Music collections
  • Kitchen times
  • News Updates
  • Calendar and todo lists
  • Manage our Capital One Account including making payments
  • Listen to Podcasts
  • Movia Trivia

The Dot which is the smaller and less expensiveversion of the Echo is paired with a Speaker and is upstairs in Sharon’s Office. She mainly uses the Dot to listen to her music but she likes the “Good Morning Command” which is has an interesting fact of a synopsis of some famous person’s life usually when it is their birthday.

So far the one challenge that the app requires a zip code so you can’t get traffic or listings of restaurants.





11 thoughts on “Amazon Echo And Dot In Ecuador

  1. I brought the Echo back with me today January 7 and I’m not having any luck connecting to the internet. Did you have any problems?

  2. Hi, we’ ve recently got an alexa echo dot 2, but we try and we can’t download the alexa app, it shows a message of “not available for this country”
    Please help!!! I’ve read you use your Alexa here in Cuenca but we can’t

  3. Hello I have a friend who lives in Quito. He took an echo with him but can’t download the alexa app. How were you able to download it

  4. I use Alexa for many things in the US. Lutron smart lighting switches, Sonos, thermostats (Honeywell), forecasts—- I can ask here, “Alexa what is the forecast in Quito, Ecuador ( or just Quito) ” and the app will respond.

    I am planning on moving back to Ecuador and would like to know what equipment works well there. I am planning on Lutron Smart Switches, Lutron Hub ( for internet interface, Alexa (dot) ( or should I bring the large one??) Eventually I will bring Sonos but I am waiting for the beta versions working with Alexa to be fully operational.

    By the way I install smart systems in all my projects — Lutron is the best system available for ease and compatibility with Alexa. It is expensive but there are some deals available.

    I would appreciate any help from Ecuador.

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