Fresh Salmon In Cuenca

So what is tech about Salmon in Cuenca.  Absolutely nothing. For those people who are not living in Cuenca or do not like Salmon you have my permission to stop reading this post.

I am now representing Productos Terrenova in Cuenca. Starting today you can order the following and have it delivered tomorrow.

  • Fresh Salmon – Individual portions or 1-3 kg fillets
  • Smoked Salmon (Lox) 100 – 1 kg  packages
  • Smoked Trout – 250 grams and fillets
  • Smoked and Fresh Organic Talapia
  • Fresh Octopus Carpaccio
  • Trout Caviar
  • Wakami Hiyashi (Seaweed Salad)
  • Wasabi

Free delivery on orders >$40 ( in the city limits of Cuenca)

Call 0991221238 or email ( for more information.



4 thoughts on “Fresh Salmon In Cuenca

  1. Lenny, What is the Kg. cost for the fresh salmon & the fresh organic tilapia ? By “fresh”, what are we talking about, were they swimming the day before I see it ? Also, is this farm raised ? Thanks, David L. Grether

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