Watching TV in Cuenca 2016

Last year at this time I wrote on article on this subject. So what has changed in a year? There are now 4 main legal streaming boxes:

  • Apple TV – Now in its 4th edition with voice control
  • Roku – Now in its 4th edition also with voice control
  • Amazon Fire TV – Now in its second edition with Alexa voice control
  • Android TV – The Google version with limited apps

There is a 5th alternative and its called KODI . First let me say that I don’t object to the non legal status of KODI since I often purchase bootleg DVD’s in Cuenca. Let me also state that I have limited knowledge of KODI. I do know in Cuenca there are KODI groups and some individuals that will handle the installation and support.  There are some safety concerns using KODI and this article does a good job of explaining it

The following are some paid subscriptions that are available to stream on the above boxes.

  • Netflix – Note the North American version is not longer available
  • Amazon Prime – No available on Apple TV
  • HBO Now
  • Showtime
  • HULU

There is also DirecTV. 5 years ago I tried the service for 6 months. My experience was that it was expensive $40 + per month was limited in the quality of English programming.

My costs:

  • Puntonet 50 mb fiber optic service $60 per month +
  • Amazon Prime – $8 per month *
  • HBO – $15 per month
  • Strong VPN  $7 per month*

Note: * denotes other uses besides watching TV





8 thoughts on “Watching TV in Cuenca 2016

  1. We used DirectTV for four years and really liked it. I especially liked the DirectTV channel, which shows Canadian and British productions. Plus, each weekend, it features concerts ranging from jazz to rock, including some of the major festivals. And if you miss PBS, the Argentinian channel, Film and Arts, is what PBS could be if it dropped all that pesky political and news stuff. (I really miss Film and Arts.) The pro sports packages are also good.

      • That depends. Netflix is starting to block the ability for VPNs to provide American Netflix content in countries outside the US. But, there are still VPN services that claim to still make it happen. They apparently do this by using a dedicated IP address per connection (rather than a shared address like they used to do). Now whether this actually works still and Netflix just hasn’t yet caught on (but eventually will) who knows if or when.

        Alternatively, you can use Torrent to download your Movies and TV shows. It is illegal just as it is streaming through a VPN. So no difference there. It is quite unlikely that Ecuador will track down Torrent users at the behest of the US government. They are currently not even doing that in the US. But, if you are concerned that they might start doing it, just use a VPN to prevent anyone from tracking your IP address.

        But, you get the added advantage that you do not have to worry about the quality nor speed of your Internet connection. Torrent clients quite happily start downloading from where they left off (after an Internet interruption) (i.e., they do not start the download from the beginning). A 1.5 Gig (720p) movie takes roughly 1 hour to download, depending on how many sources there are available and no Internet interruptions.

        And while you are watching the movie or TV show you can be assured there will no interruptions and no poor quality video: All Hi-def quality all of the time (unless of course you happen to download a movie that has been recorded in a theater by someone using a CamCorder – They aren’t too bad to watch, but the video is not great and the sound is a bit poor).

  2. In addition, forget KODI unless you have a lot of time on your hands and the skill to manage it. It can be quite involved and many of the offered services don’t work (or don’t work all of the time). Unless you really need to stream live content like sports fans, you have no choice to either use KODI or pay for some kind of streaming service. You can get some of this content via Torrent but it will not be live.

  3. Hi there! You guys should look into MachTV where you can get dozens of US Channels (CNNs, HBOs, UFC, etc) with Roku, go to Roku Ecuador and contact them ( I am not affiliated with them) it is a private channel, the price is about $20/yr

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