17 Things You Did Before Smartphones

The other day I left my house to walk to the El Centro section of Cuenca. It’s a 2 mile walk and once a week I do this for exercise. About 1/2 mile into the walk I reached for my Smartphone and I started to panic. At first I thought I lost it but soon realized I forgot to put to take it off my desk and put it in my pocket. I then started to giggle about all the things one could do before the Smartphone. Here are just 17 of them:

  1. You had hobbies now you have apps
  2. You knew people’s phone numbers
  3. You tried local restaurants – now you just go to Trip Advisor or Yelp
  4. You used a physical map that did not have a glowing dot to show you where you are
  5. You could talk about trivia with your friends for hours and not be sure who was right
  6. You didn’t check your phone 12 times during dinner
  7. You checked the paper or called the theatre for movie times
  8. You listened to the radio to check the weather
  9. You took pictures with your camera and if you weren’t carrying one you missed the shot
  10. You had road maps in your glove compartment
  11. You set an alarm clock to wake you up
  12. You could make much better excuses for being late
  13. You never knew what your friends were doing unless you asked them
  14. You wrote thank you notes instead of emailing
  15. You made actual phone calls instead of texts
  16. You had to have your wallet to buy a latte at Starbucks
  17.  You read a newspaper.

Can we live healthy successful lives without Smartphones? Of course we can. But, now that I own a smartphone I can’t even fathom the idea of living without one for more than a few hours. “Ok Google, how many times have I used the word “Smartphones” in this article?



One thought on “17 Things You Did Before Smartphones

  1. For many, I think you have nailed it. As I read, I thought about my own habits…

    1) Still have hobbies. About a dozen apps to help here and there, but I do my hobbies (photography) far more often than i use the apps.

    2) Nope. Never did. Terrible memory… 🙂

    3) Still do. I write in TripAdvisor (I am #2 contributor in Cuenca) to encourage others to go, but I rarely use it to choose, except when traveling in a new country (then — guilty as charged)

    4) My eyesight is so bad I can’t read those *&^% maps anymore anyway! 🙂

    5) guilty as charged… but I rather like being able to settle an argument now (ie, “prove that I am right”)…

    6) Never do now, and don’t invite anyone back for dinner that does. Hard rule. Period.

    7) Never go to theaters anymore. With DVDs at $1.25, I like having the pause button and _not_ having others talking during the movie.

    8) Yeah, but only when getting ready for work. No work? No checking weather on the radio. Now there is never any work, so problem solved…

    9) Still do. I have never yet taken a photo with my iPhone for anything more than a record of a sign I wanted to translate.

    10) No car. No glove box. Problem solved. 🙂

    11) Yep, iPhone is now my alarm clock — used only for an early morning Spanish class now.

    12) ?? Always owned a watch, so not really. I’m “that guy” that always arrives early anyway.

    13) Still don’t. I follow zero people on any social network.

    14) guilty as charged — but I _always_ write it on my desktop computer. Never on my phone.

    15) Still do. I hate texts, unless in a crowded, noisy environment.

    16) I have never bought anything at a Starbucks, and do not have any pay-anything on my iPhone, so no change there.

    17) Do they still exist? (Yeah, I still read them up until coming to Cuenca, where our language mismatch would make the newspaper kinda pointless in our house)

    I would put #18 and 19 for me though–
    18) I used to read books, instead of listening to them on my iPhone.

    19) I used to write grocery lists on slips of paper on the fridge, instead of EverNote on my phone.

    Yes, I have an iPhone (a few generations behind) and love it. I mostly consider it a “phone” (ie, make voice calls) and a note taker though.

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