What Comes After A Petabyte?

An Exabyte of course. And that is a 1000 petabytes. Two years ago I posted, “How many printed pages in a Petabyte”.

My first computer had only 48 kb of memory and 128 kb or storage. My present Macbook contains 4 gb of memory and over 1 tb of storage. I think in my lifetime we will see affordable exabyte storage.


2 thoughts on “What Comes After A Petabyte?

  1. I see that Apple (or someone) has decreed that after exabyte come Zettabyte and then Yottabyte. I am not sure why it would be X Z Y, but I don’t think it will matter.

    If they hadn’t been spoken for, I was going to suggest gazillabyte, wholottabyte, or maybe shiploadabyte

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