10 Reasons Why You Should Use DuckDuckGo

It’s no secret DuckDuckgo is my search engine of choice. If you search the archives of CTL you will see that I’ve written about this “secret of search” 4 times. Of course the most important reason is that DDG does not track your searches like Google.

Hongkiat writes a fantastic article  10 Reasons Why You Should Use DuckDuckGo – a must read

About DuckDuckGo

3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Use DuckDuckGo

  1. Hi, Sounds interesting. Thanks. A question: My track pad on my mac air is not working nor a mouse. I found something on the Internet that said it could be the battery has swelled. I was wondering who could help with it. Do you have any suggestions? Best, Karla

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  2. DuckDuckGo is great for a private search engine. It’s important to note that there are other search engines out there doing the same thing. StartPage.com and SearchEncrypt.com are two examples of private search engines. They are all taking growing shares of Google’s market share.

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