Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish is essential to living in Ecuador. When we first arrive in Ecuador we go through stages.

  1. Little or no Spanish and dependent on translators or Spanish speaking friends.
  2. Restaurant/Taxi Spanish. We know some directions and how to order food
  3. Baby Spanish – we can get around but we get strange looks
  4. Pre- Conversant Spanish – We still get strange looks but most of our conversation makes sense
  5. Conversant Spanish – We have our favorite verbs and in Cuenca use “dolarito” and cafecito”

I take Spanish lessons from a very competent teacher. She comes to your home and customizes the lessons for your level. I take lessons twice a week and I can now go to the IESS appointments without a translator. I shop at the Indigenous Organic Markets and can recognize all the different fruits and vegetables. I can also go to utility companies and find solution to problems.

My teacher is Linda Astudillo.  Her contact information.

Email – marylinda2tudillo@gmail.com

Phone – 097 9072715

Linda understands most English but is mostly Spanish speaking. Her rates are $10 an hour for private lessons and has a sliding scale for couples or groups.


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