Yahoo Turns 20

We take the Internet for granted. But Google is younger than Yahoo and Yahoo is celebrating 20 years on the stock market when the opening bell will be a yodel. Below is a graphic of 20 words that didn’t exist when the company launched. Here are my favorites. What are yours?

  • Blog
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Podcast
  • Tweet
  • Wifi

20 words

One thought on “Yahoo Turns 20

  1. My wife sent me an email using all the 20 words.

    d like to hyperlink my cached blog to your photobomb but no, I’m not a hacker, I will be crowdsourcing your social media for texting about a flashmob 2 B. Or not to be, depending on wifi while drones skype selfies to troll for sexting. Buffering, buffering. Meme, the viral tweet access is bitorrent, buffering. Buffering. Blue tooth memory cached, goodnight VERB.

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