Ecuador: Siri vs. Ok Google

For the benefit of the uninitiated Siri is the voice activated search assistant for IOS and “Ok Google” is the counterpart for the Android world. Since I have an iPad and a Nexus 5 I can compare the identical searches.  Below are the searches and results.

  • Who is the Foreign Minister of Ecuador – OK Google gave me the correct audio answer and Siri sent me to Wikipedia
  • What is the temperature in Cuenca, Ecuador – Ok Google gave me the 5 day forecast and Siri gave me the temperature in Quito
  • How many provinces are there in Ecuador – Both assistants sent me to Wikipedia
  • How far is it to Fabiano’s Restaurante. Ok Google gave me the distance from my house and the traveling time and Siri was totally lost even though I have Locations Services activated.
  • What is the best hotel in Cuenca, Ecuador – OK, Google likes Mansion Alcazar and Siri said” I can’t look for hotels in Ecuador”

Ok, I know these were 5 random questions that were skewed towards my experience in Cuenca. I’m sure Siri performs much better when the questions are U.S. centric. However, I think Ok Google because of its’s association with the apps that support Google Now is a much better assistant than Sir. What’s your opinion?




One thought on “Ecuador: Siri vs. Ok Google

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