How Much Time Do You Spend On Your Smartphone?

The answer for me is about 3 hours a day – which translates to about 16% of my day interacting with my Nexus 5. Too much? A minute percentage is talking on the phone. In fact my Claro records say that I average about 120 minutes a month which is about 4 minutes a day.  I use my phone for research, email, photos, podcasts, movies, reading. I’m never bored and I feel that the phone is an aid rather than a dependent.

NPR has a brilliant story – Bored… And Brilliant? A Challenge to Disconnect From Your Phone.

I encourage everyone to listen. And lets start a dialog.




3 thoughts on “How Much Time Do You Spend On Your Smartphone?

  1. I do listen to audiobooks on my iPhone when I am doing chores or the like. Other than that, I would guess my daily iPhone use is maybe 10-15 minutes — mostly keeping up my grocery and todo lists (and including the checking and removing items when at the mercado).

    OTOH, I spend many hours per day at my 27″ iMac computer…

  2. I’m with you, Burt. I spend very little time on my iPhone unless I’m traveling and need it for directions and other info, bit I spend a minimum of three hours a day on my iPad or iMac. My preference is the iPad for ease of use, but I have spreadsheets (Excel) on my iMac, so use that more for budgeting and sending letters. I have very little feeling in my hands and the iPad has been the best solution for me. Laptops are the worst. I constantly shut down apps I don’t want to, send e-mails before I’m finished and skip all over the screen I’m ok with the iPhone but prefer the larger keyboard on the iPad.

  3. I just listened to the NPR blurb. Very interesting! I should point out, though, that I never used my iPhone when I took the train to and from work. I never used it while waiting for or taking the elevator/escalator and above all, I never used it in the smart phone reading room (my term for those that think using a public restroom stall for texting/reading e-mails is acceptable). Even when I worked, I doubt I checked my iPad or iPhone more than 10 times a day and I would never text when out for lunch or dinner with others. That’s just plain rude.

    What I love, though, is the ability to think of something and then check it out on my iPad/iPhone for an instantaneous answer. So in reference to the NPR blurb, I think I do use my down time (at the elevator, on the train, in the bathroom, etc.) to come up with ideas and questions and then use my iPad/iPhone to get quick responses.

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