Unlimited Photo Storage With Amazon Prime

Amazon has added yet another perk for Amazon Prime subscribers. Starting on Tuesday, the company will make Prime Photo available for all Prime Subscribers, which means you can store an unlimited number of photos in Amazon’s cloud without additional charges.

If you have a iPhone or Android phone all your photos can automatically be backed up to the Amazon Cloud. Now that phone cameras have 8 + megapixel cameras it’s great to have a repository for your videos and photos. I just started using the service today. The one weakness I see is that there doesn’t seem to be a search facility. I’ll report back in a week to let you know if Amazon is replacing my Flickr account.



2 thoughts on “Unlimited Photo Storage With Amazon Prime

  1. Pretty clever. Once you upload a few bazillobytes of pictures, you’re pretty much committed to a lifetime Prime subscription.

    • Dave, I actually think Amazon Prime is a bargain.
      For 27 cents a day; unlimited storage of photos. Unlimted playing of a music, video library. Plus borrowing a free Kindle Book and Free Shipping on most items.

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