A Great New Way Of Watching More T.V. In Ecuador

Roku Users rejoice! Now you can add the “Google Play” Channel to your Roku Streaming Media Device.

Here is what the popular Gizmodo blog has to say:

Roku was already the best little streaming device money could buy. But now, Google has gone and given Roku players access to all your Google Play movie and TV goodies. Which, more than just being an unprecedented move on Google’s part, makes Roku pretty much unstoppable.

My home setup now has the three major services( Itunes, Amazon Prime and Google Play) just a remote click away. When you install the free Google channel on your Roku player Google treats you to the X-Men movie. And, here is a link of a survey of why users prefer Google Play ove Itunes. However, I highly recommend purchasing both Apple TV and Roku because of the eas of use of Apple TV and the Airplay which allows your Apple Product to wirelessly transmit to your TV.


One thought on “A Great New Way Of Watching More T.V. In Ecuador

  1. You can install Plex on your Roku so you can stream any media from you laptop or PC. You can share another Plex users library which I think is cool. Never tried it though.
    If Roku offered VPN, it would be an outstanding device. An ASUS router fixes that issue easily.

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