Easy Taxi

Yesterday I tried the EASY TAXI service for the first time. At 6:10 pm I pressed the “REQUEST TAXI” button on my smartphone. In less than 30 seconds I get a message back with the following information.

  • Your taxi is 1-4 minutes away
  • The taxi drivers name, phone # and license plate #
  • A map with the location of the driver

I then followed the progress of the taxi to my house. It arrived exactly 3 minutes after I pressed the “REQUEST TAXI” button. No hassle with the driver or meter. At the end of the ride I was asked by the App if the experience was good or bad. No extra charge for the service.

Here is how you get started.

  • Download the free app (IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry)
  • Register your name phone # and email.
  • Good to go

Very, Very Cool. I have only used it one time. I’ll follow this post up if I have negative feedback but right now it works great.


14 thoughts on “Easy Taxi

  1. Thanks, Len! I’ve used a similar service in Houston and figured it would be a long time before I found anything like that in Cuenca, but guess I was wrong! This is great news!

  2. Thanks, Len. Downloaded it, used it here in Cuenca (just once so far), and love it. Taxi got here in under two minutes and I think that as more taxi drivers sign up for the system, it’ll just get better. Our driver said there were lots of taxis in the system, but as you and I know, many haven’t even heard of it.

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