Five Apps That Make Me More Productive

I can’t imagine how unproductive I would be without these apps below which run on both the Android and Apple platforms.

I always have my smartphone with me and most of the time I have my iPad. I read, write, email, record (photos, video), communicate, research and play card games with these devices.  Right now I have more information on my smartphone than President Clinton had in the White House in 1997.

Here are the five apps I have already used today.

  • Amazon Music – I have tens of thousands of free songs available to me
  • Pocket- While waiting in the hospital I was able to read web sites I had saved.
  • Moves- records my steps, calaories and routes
  • Pocket Casts – listened to the latest recordings of “Fresh Air” and “Marketplace”
  • Duolingo – Made progress on my Spanish during the wait time at the hospital

Find more free and useful apps at the TED BLOG




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