Do You Need A Dedicated Camera In Ecuador

The short answer is – If you have a good smartphone (iPhone, Nexus 5, Galaxy 5) you probably don’t need the extra weight or expense of a digital camera. Now before I get everyone’s shorts in an uproar. A high end Nikon or Canon will definitely get better results. I have a good Canon and over the last several months I have only used it once. Why? Because I always carry my Nexus 5 and I always have it handy.

The first two shots are taken with my Nexus 5. The shot of the keyboard could not be duplicated with my Canon unless I put the camera on a tripod.

Shot number 3 shows how you can have selective focus with the Canon. Shot number 4 is the same subject taken with the Nexus and you can clearly see the superiority of the Canon camera.

The last picture was taken with the Nexus 5 and photo edited with the Android Photo Editing software.

Bottom line if you if you want to take good photos and video and don’t have the budget or the need to carry a dedicated camera then a good smartphone is all you need.


IMG_0515 nexus5 keyboard IMG_0520 Nexus 5 overall focus


Nexus 5 Parque de Madre

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