What Will $1.32 A Day Buy You In Ecuador?

A Nexus 5 Smartphone and a monthly Data Plan from Claro. Let’s do the numbers. My plan costs me about $30 a month. I amortized the phone($350) for 3 years and got the $0.32 cents a day.The Data Plan is the same amount for the iPhone.  Doesn’t seem like a lot of money for all the advantages of a smartphone.

I am presently recovering from Eye Surgery (Vitrectomy and Cataract) and have to spend 12 hours prone. I didn’t realize all the advantages of a Smartphone until I had the time to explore them.

I’ll list the obvious ones first:

  • Better reception when talking and listening to phone calls
  • GPS location for maps, walking and directions
  • Texting with photos and videos
  • Constant contact with email
  • Free long distance phone calls
  • Superb camera for photos and video
  • Translation apps for words and pictures

Here are some of the extra and esoteric advantages

  • Listening to your music collection collections from Amazon, iTunes, Pandora
  • Watching Videos from all over the world including YouTube, Vimeo and Podcasts
  • Playing Contract Bridge worldwide
  • Editing Photos and Videos
  • Voice Recorder for personal thoughts and interviewing
  • Listening to any worldwide radio station
  • Studying Spanish
  • Office Applications (word, excel, powerpoint)
  • Reading any online newspaper
  • Playing trivia with anyone in the world (Quizup)
  • Exchanging files with just a touch of the phone
  • Purchasing items without cash
  • Projecting on your Smartphone wirelessly to a Big Screen TV

Feel free to add your own favorite app in the comments.

***Prices quoted for the Nexus 5 is for the 16GB version purchased in the U.S.***





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