When An iPad Is Just The Right Medicine

As some of you know I just had some complicated Eye Surgery. I developed a hole in my Macular and lost 80% of my vision. The prognosis without surgery was grim. The good news is that one of the best Retina Specialists in South America is in Cuenca. The surgery was performed under local anesthesia(without any pain) at 1/3 of the cost of a U.S. surgeon. He also inserted a lens for my cataract issue.

So what does this have to do with an iPad you ask. The recovery time is 8 days and for 12 hours a day I have to lie prone with head down. A friend loaned me a portable massage table and I have the iPad Mini on a table 8 inches from my one good eye. In those 12 hours I do the following on my iPad

  • Read books on the Kindle App
  • Listen to Books on Tape on the Audible App
  • Play Bridge on Bridge Base
  • Listen to music on my Amazon Music App
  • Listen to Podcasts on Itunes
  • Spend way too much time on Facebook
  • Skype with Friends
  • Catch up on my irregular verbs in Spanish

No, because of the position of my body  I could not do this on my computer. I highly recommend anybody that is coming down to Ecuador to have a tablet. And, it the choice in the budget is a computer or a tablet. I vote for the iPad.



8 thoughts on “When An iPad Is Just The Right Medicine

  1. Would you share the name of your surgeon? I will be in Cuenca mid-October and would like to get an appointment with him/her. BTW does the 12 hours prone include your sleeping hours, or is that in addition to?

  2. Gosh, Len, you are amazing. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with us. We hope to see you again when we come down in October. On my iPad right now. Gerry and Dave in Oregon

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