Watching TV In Cuenca – Revisited

Technology changes every day and TV Watching in Cuenca is no exception. Last year I wrote this post. I have revised and changed some prices and and added a few recommendations. The revisions are in bold and the new products have *** before them.


In April of 2012 I wrote a post about our TV services in Cuenca. A lot has changed in 18 months. We no longer have DirecTV and now our TV viewing is based on the following services.

I have installed a VPN Router. For the non geeks in the audience my VPN router came fromSabai Technology

This router basically is configured with VPN software and every time I  turn my computer, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV my Internet presence is in Miami and not in Ecuador. This allows me to watch anything on the web, Netflix, Amazon, Hula etc as if I was living in the U.S.

You also need to subscribe to VPN software. I use Strong VPN as my service. Good customer support and very reliable.

Summary of Costs:

  • One Time Cost: VPN Router $150
  • Yearly VPN subscription $90
  • Monthly Netflix Subscription: $8 – Now $9
  • Yearly Amazon Prime Subscription $70 – Now $99
  • One Time Cost  Apple TV – $99
  • One Time Cost Roku Box – $90

My monthly costs including the amortized hardware is about $25 per month


  • No configuration of VPN software
  • All your devices are connected
  • Full Netflix and Amazon Prime Video collection available to you >10K titles
  • Watch any TV website on the Internet


  • Initial Expense
  • Yearly recurring fee
  • Slight loss of Internet connection speed

I highly recommend this route. We watch great BBC and American TV series with no limitation.

*** Amazon Prime is now better than ever. They have added all the HBO Season 1 Shows and many more movies.

*** Netflix has added more movies and solid original productions like House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black

*** Amazon has come out with a Streaming Box similar to Roku and Apple TV called Amazon Fire TV. The initial reviews are excellent


On a separate note. A quick reminder that I do Skype consulting for those of you that are permanently moving to Ecuador. The charge is $25 and last night a happy future expat said that after the call she saved $150 by planning to bring certain electronics and eliminating others.


6 thoughts on “Watching TV In Cuenca – Revisited

  1. I also have the Sabai VPN, but I also bought the Accelerator to improve loss of VPN speed. It’s an option.

  2. I live on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua and I recently wrote about setting up our Roku box, too. I bought a configured router from Strong VPN and changed my subscription to Open VPN. I love the 24/7 tech service of Strong VPN. A tech guy remotely configured my router. Last week I had a VPN issue and I was denied access to movies on Hulu because it said my IP address didn’t serve my area. So, the Strong VPN technician came to my rescue again and remotely changed a small problem. I love my Roku box! If you are interested in reading my blog post, here is the link.

  3. I like Amazon Prime and I have been watching Rome on it recently. Shows are loaded very fast and the quanlity is very good as well. No VPN functionality in Fire TV so you have to install the VPN on the router as the author suggested. I use IPVanish VPN and according to this:, they are the only Tire-1 VPN provider which means they are as fast as AT&T. The only complain I have is that it is very hard to navigate using the Fire TV remote. It would be nice if Amazon can make a mobile app which I can use to control my Fire TV.

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