Kindle Unlimited – Netflix for E-Books

Amazon just took another step in being your GoTo media service by offering Kindle Unlimted.

Essentially Kindle Unlimited is a $9.99 charge per month that allows you unlimited access to a select group of E-Books and Audio Books. Amazon says that their selection numbers over 600,00 books and thousands of audio books.  You have a 30 day free trial.  For my wife and I this is a no brainer. I just looked at my E-book charges for the year and it was close to $200.

I’ll report back in a month after the free trial but if two people can order books than $2.50 cents a week is just a windfall for prolific readers

On a separate note. A quick reminder that I do Skype consulting for those of you that are permanently moving to Ecuador. The charge is $25 and last night a happy future expat said that after the call she saved $150 by planning to bring certain electronics and eliminating others.


2 thoughts on “Kindle Unlimited – Netflix for E-Books

  1. Hello, been subscribed to your blog for about a year now I think! My wife and I are moving to Cuenca and will arrive October 10th. I would love to consult with you either before or after we get there, probably better before. How do we best accomplish that.
    Ed taylor

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