Amazon Fire TV – New Streaming Box

Amazon is entering the Streaming Movie/TV Market that is dominated by Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast. I have the Roku and Apple TV with a personal recommendation edge to the Roku Box for more selection and faster streaming. I just might buy the new box from Amazon because the bandwidth is not as dependable in Ecuador and the review seems to suggest that Amazon media is cached in the 2 gb of memory.

Good review by CNET


4 thoughts on “Amazon Fire TV – New Streaming Box

  1. I read your older blog (Faces of Cuenca) where you were talking about using the Cuenca Olympic pool. We are coming to Ecuador on a fact finding trip and all of us use our local health spa’s pool (my husband and daughter for laps and my daughter and I for water aerobics). I can see from your old blog that they should be able to use the pool for laps. Do you know if there are any locations in Cuenca where they have water aerobics classes? I would imagine, that it wouldn’t be permitted for me to perform my own routine in one of the lap lanes even if they were shallow enough for me to do so.

    • As far as I know there are 3 large publice pools in Cuenca. The Coliseo, The University of Cuenca Pool and the newly renovated pool on Ave. Las Conquistadores. My guess is that the University might have aerobics classes. Good luck.

      • Thank you so much for your response! Coincidentally, I just started reading your blogs because I input a search for recommendations of buying a TV in Ecuador or bringing our own and Cuenca Tech Life caught my eye. They are VERY informative. My daughter is a graphic artist, I’m a technical and proposal writer and my husband is an electronics technician; obviously we’re all interested in technology! We had Macs for 10 years (1989 to 1999) because that is what they used in the school system here (I taught and my daughter attended) and we LOVED them but when I started working with the Government as a technical writer, I had to transition to “Windows-hell” and it was what they used in my daughter’s college so we’ve been without for much too long. That will change when we move to Cuenca (buying Macs before we leave the US).

        Anyway, we’ll be following your recommendations closely – and thanks again for responding to my questions about swimming pools.


      • Charline, thanks for the kind words about my blog. I ocassinally post in and my wife writes about quilts and expatriating in

        In two weeks it will be 3 years since we left Oregon. Cuenca has been wonderful for the two of us. Feel free to email me for specific questions. Buena suerte y saludos de Cuenca.

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