3 thoughts on “Watching The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Ecuador

  1. I’ve been experimenting with UnoDNS rather than use a VPN which tends to slow things down a bit. The speed difference between StrongVPN and just the DNS was almost 20%. Given that we don’t have the highest speeds due to 6:1 or 8:1 compression, minimizing any further loss was important. I recently set up a Roku 3 using UnoDNS and haven’t had any buffering issues. So watching US programming is now a no brainer.

  2. We use the Direct TV channel and their programming is just the way they program in Europe. That is they show all of a given sport instead of just showing the US teams and jumping from one to another. We enjoy this method.

    Will you please put me on your poker EM list??

    Phillip Jackson 0939 258 334

    Cuenca, Ecuador

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