Apple TV Or Roku Box?

Full disclosure.  All my family devices are Apple (Macbook, iPad, iPhone, iPod). I also worked for Apple many years ago and finally my television viewing is in Ecuador. If you have enough ports on your HDTV and the budget to connect both devices I think you should purchase both boxes. The total cost is less than $200 and you will surely get at least 3 years use out of both boxes giving a per month cost of about $5. Plus the Apple TV Box has the benefit of connecting all your devices without wires via Airplay.

The next statement is going to surprise most people who know me but if you only have a Windows machine or Android tablet then I suggest you buy only the Roku Box.  Here are my reasons.

  • Many more channels (Amazon Video, Blockbuster, PBS, CBS News etc) to view via Roku
  • Better UI( User Interface)  and Remote  than Apple TV
  • On the Roku 3 you have the ability to mute the TV and listen on Headphones connected to the Remote
  • Free online support via the Roku website
  • Ability to add a usb drive for extra movie viewing

Be aware that the Roku box requires a VPN router which i discussed in length at this post 

Conclusion: I am thoroughly enjoying my Roku experience and am very pleased at the diverse channel selection available to me.


6 thoughts on “Apple TV Or Roku Box?

  1. Lenny, we currently have Apple TV and love it. We do watch a lot of TV late at night and like our channels. The Roku Box sounds great too. Should we buy it in the states and bring it or can we get one there, once we are all settled in. Love your site. So much great info. George

  2. Hi, Glad to read this. We are coming down in Nov. I bought a Roku and was happily using it at home before we left. I signed up for StrongVPN to use in Ecuador. So that should do it right?

  3. I realize it’s entirely subjective of course, but better UI. Really? It’s better than it used to be, but still lacks elegance (in my entirely subjective opinion). : )

    • Randall, it takes me 3 – 4 clicks to play something on Apple TV. I can do that in 1-2 clicks on the Roku. Plus, the ability to rewind 7 seconds and to search across multiple channels is a big advantage over Apple TV

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