Television In Cuenca – Testing A Roku Box

No sooner than I thought my TV experience was complete in Cuenca a friend loaned me a Roku Box to test on my system. In my TV revisited post 

I mentioned all the hardware and software service I used. The summary is below

  • VPN Router with Strong VPN software
  • Apple TV
  • Subscriptions to Netflix, and Amazon Prime

The Apple TV gave me the ability to stream via wif anything from my MAC, iPad, iPod or iPhone. Having a significant investment in Apple products I thought gave me the advantage to see everything that I wanted without the Roku Box.

Here are my findings after testing the Roku box for 3 days.

  • A significant increase in video and audio channels over Apple TV
  • I like the Remote better than the simple Apple TV remote
  • Amazon Video Selection is a channel on the Roku rather than streamed from my iPad
  • USTVNOW is a channel on Roku – I can easily watch Football games on my Big Screen TV
  • Searching is more complete and easier on the Roku Box
  • I can attach headphones to the Roku Box
  • Netflix streams better on the Roku.

What would I recommend?

If you have the available HDMI ports I would say buy both. Apple TV has the very impressive Itunes store for unlimited movie and TV shows.  Airplay is only available on the Apple TV so if you have Apple hardware this is a hard one to pass up. Also in mid October Apple is making a major announcement that includes improvements to the Apple TV.

Cost Summary:

  • Apple TV – $99 (one time)
  • Roku Box – $99 (one time)
  • VPN Router – $149 (one time)
  • VPN Software- $90 (per year)
  • Netflix – ($8 per month)
  • Amazon Prime Membership ( $70 per year)


17 thoughts on “Television In Cuenca – Testing A Roku Box

  1. Lenny – appreciate your TV posts as we’ve just been here 3 months with prepago Direct TV and I’m not very happy with it (especially ‘cuz I love BBC TV and miss some of the network shows not to mention Netflix). Are you watching on a TV screen hooked up to a computer or just using the computer screen (basic question but I can’t tell). Thanks!

    • Manya- Thanks for the kind words. When we first arrived in Cuenca (2.5 years ago) we also purchased DirecTV. Good reception but not much English programming. Through Appple TV (a box) connected via wifi to the Internet and wired to the TV we have a vast amount of TV offerings including BBC TV programs.

  2. Lenny,

    AppleTV could be better so I’m interested in trying Roku. However I’m holding off on the router/VPN solution until I get tvcable. . ETAPA’s speed is so undependable that if I added the VPN overhead I’d be even more frustrated with even worse streaming. TVcable has strung cable on Alfonso Moreno…just waiting for them to light it up.

    I do agree with your math on your set up. Why bother with cable, etc?

    What are your thoughts on shipping a Roku via ClubCorreos?

    Bill Hohenstein Claro: 0968 922 569 Local in Cuenca: (7) 281 9538 magicJack USA: 703 825 8813


  3. Lenny – does one need both Apple TV and a Roku box? What just a Roku box offer most of the same benefits as having Apple TV and Roku? We are primarily interested in getting network channels, Netflix, BBC, public tv stations,etc. Thanks, Manya

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