The Case For A Smartphone In Cuenca

Apple announced two new iPhones on Sept. 10th. Each phone has 1 billion transistors which makes the iPhone more powerful than most 3 year old desktop computers. As I write this post Sharon, my wife, is talking to our 7 year old grandson in San Diego via Facetime (Apple’s easy to use version of Skype) about his favorite apps. She can video chat with him and the best part is that she can also pick up Facetime calls without being at a Wifi Hot Spot.

The price of technology is constantly going down. The price of a new iPhone 5C in the States with a contract is $99. My advice to budget conscious expats is buy a used iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy 4.  You can buy either the unlocked version or phones that are under contract. Phones that are under contract can be “jailbroken” for less than $20 in Cuenca.

Monthly contracts on Claro are about $35 per month. The reception on a iPhone or a Galaxy is much better than your average $50 -$100 LG or Samsung phone.

These are some of the apps I use on a daily basis in Cuenca on my iPhone

  • Kindle App – reading books – automatically updated on my Kindle Paperwhite
  • Google Maps- Directions – walking or showing to a Taxi Driver
  • Moves – records my walking/excercise during the day and reports back in steps/miles/calories
  • Netflix- watch my favorite movie
  • USA Today- keeping up on World News
  • Facebook- Duh
  • Magic Jack – ability to make/receive free calls to anyone in North America
  • Chrome – Google Web Browser
  • Spanish Dict – Translate and dictionary
  • Duolingo – Spanish learning program
  • iPhoto – editing photos
  • Trvl – exploring potential trips to other countries

iPhone or Android iPhone??? – the iPhone is more expensive but in my opinion is worth the extra money because of the App Store that has over 1 billion apps (most of them are free)

Finally, there are great apps and podcasts that you watch on your phone that suggest new apps according to your interests.


******Smartphone Smackdown – Smartphone Features Compared *******

samsung_galaxy_s4_-_Google_Search iphone_-_Google_Search

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