VPN: Tools For Better Movie & Television Viewing

At the June 20th iPad Users Group Meeting we will be reviewing VPN solutions for your computer and mobile(iPad, iPhone) needs.  Although we will concentrate on the Apple Brand all the products will also work on Windows Machines.  We will review both subscription and free services.

There are many benefits of VPN’s but the meeting will focus on being able to connect to Movie and TV sites that without a VPN would be inaccessible.  Stay tuned for more information. Reserve your seat now because the capacity for the meeting is 12 people.

Image 6-8-13 at 5.13 PM Image 6-8-13 at 5.01 PM

20 thoughts on “VPN: Tools For Better Movie & Television Viewing

  1. Lenny, I’m planning to be there.


    Bill Hohenstein Mobile in Ecuador: 093 958 8745 Local in Cuenca: 281 9538 magicJack USA: 703 825 8813

      • Thanks Lenny, just bought an unlocked iPhone 4S (at&t) for use in EC. Hope to be there August / September. Look forward to joining your group. I have an IPAD, PC and now iPhone. Any suggestions what other electronics I should bring?.
        Thanks again,

  2. Hi Lenny, glad I found your site. Moving to Cuenca around September. Would like to join your users group. Any problem buying an unlocked I phone in US and using in EC?. If it is locked any problem getting it unlocked?.Don’t need the latest and greatest model, any suggestions on which model? Thanks, Steve

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Hi Len, if I understand the VPN router allows accessing Netflix ,etc. programming in US which is more extensive than EC?. Will the VPN allow access to more than one TV? Thx

  4. Yes, just wondering if 1 VPN will do the job for multiple devises. Thx moving to Cuenca in September looking forward to joking your users group.

  5. Hi Len, not sure if this email went through. When is a wifi extender useful?. If useful should I bring one from the US, any suggestion on brands.

    • Almost all of the wall in Cuenca houses and apartments are concrete or adobe. I use the wifi extender for good wifi transmission between the first and second floor
      of my house. Good investment. I use the Diamond Multimedia. When are you coming to Cuenca. Visiting? Staying?

      • Hi Len thanks, moving to Cuenca 9/19. Retiring next month than arriving Cuenca 9/19. Will stay at least 4 months. Bringing all my permanent visa paperwork with me. If it agrees with me will stay. Currently live in Southern California. Visited there April of this year and loved it. Made a contact last visit. Will be a roommate at least for foreseeable future. Plan on joining your group if you have room.

      • Len, looked at bicycle cards today. There are different ones. Standard, large lettering, etc, probably for old people :). And poker cards. Which ones do you want ?

  6. Len, still good investment for single story?. Is there a difference between an extender and booster?. If so which is better.
    Owe you a beer/lunch when I get there.

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