Apple TV Updates

As many of you know I’m a big fan of Apple TV. I use it every day for news, tech updates, movies and TV programs.  As of 5/8 there has not been automatic updates on many of the podcasts(i.e. NBC, CBS News, TED Talks etc).  There been much discussion on the Apple Forums but as of 5/12/12 at 1:30 pm Quito Time nothing has been done.   My guess is our only alternative is to raise a stink with Apple and be patient.


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5 thoughts on “Apple TV Updates

  1. I just want to make sure I understand correctly…

    I have an Apple TV device as well as a Roku. I know the Roku requires a US IP address via a VPN connection. Does the Apple TV require a VPN for Netflix to work?

    It seems like the US IP address issue is only with the Roku and I want to make sure that’s the case.

    • James, you almost have it right.

      1. Yes you need a VPN Router to watch the Roku connected to your TV.
      2. No, you don’t need a VPN to watch the Latin American version of Netflix. I have a VPN router so I see the US version of Netflix on my Apple TV

      Make sense?

      • Yes, that makes sense. Thanks.

        As a side note, my daughter seems to think that keeping your billing address with Netflix in America will keep the US version of Netflix in tact even when your abroad. But your saying it’s explicitly based on IP address and billing address will not have any impact?

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