Internet Speeds In Cuenca – Update

It’s been 7 weeks since I installed TV Cable and ETAPA services in my new rental house.

TV Cable

I opted for the 6 mb service ($49 per month) with TV Cable.  The service has been outstanding and the most down time experienced has been about a total of 2 hours for the 7 weeks.  Below is a speedtest. net graph of some recent download tests as compared to the global average.

As you can see about 50% of the time I have met or exceeded the global average.  I’m very impressed.

The upload speeds are not as good but are not as important as the download speeds.


I have been very disappointed with the ETAPA service in the new rental. I opted for the 1 mb service ($24 per month) with ETAPA.  When the service is working I meet or exceed these speeds.  Unfortunately, everyday the service goes down for 30 minutes or more each day.  I have to travel to the ETAPA office and make sure I speak to a supervisor and clearly explain the situation.


3 thoughts on “Internet Speeds In Cuenca – Update

  1. Lenny, with six mgs, what do you usually average? 90% of the time with my 5 mg with Punta Net I average in the 4.7 to 4.9 range. I can watch a streamed movie instantly without download. I do have some problems with streaming from U-Tube, but nothing like I had with Etapa. Do you get many TV stations in English with the cable part of the program? I know I am paying too much with Punta Net, but I don’t want to make another switch until I am sure the
    money savings will provide me with the service I am currently getting. I have heard both good and bad about TV Cable. I don’t know what to believe at this point. Also, is your current price an introductory offer that will rise after the six month period? Do you know if TV Cable is using fiber optics or is still using telephone lines? Thanks for your response. Jim Mola

    • Don’t know if it’s fiber optic but I’m going to guess that it is because of the top tier speed of 12 + mb down.
      RE:Price- the $49 is a regular price. I only have Internet and using Apple TV for my TV watching.

      I also think TV Cable is a neighborhood by neighborhood basis.

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