Internet And Course Update

It’s been two weeks in the new house and I wanted to update potential Internet subscribers in Cuenca about the stability of the two services.  Why do I have two services?  I teach computer courses and host the Ipad Users Group and people don’t want to hear excuses that the service is down or slow.

TV Cable Internet: Meets or exceeds the contracted 6 mbs download speed and 1.4 up all the time. Only one down time in the two weeks and that only lasted 30 minutes. The Ping (the distance it takes to travel from one host to another) is often under 50 ms.

ETAPA – Missed two installation appointments. They showed up on time for the third scheduled appointment and installed the second service upstairs. This service has been perfect with no down time.  The contracted speed is 1 mb down and the actual speed is 3mb down and 0.6 mb up with a delayed ping of >200.

YMWV – (Your mileage will vary) with ETAPA depending on the neighborhood and if you also have a house phone.

Cost Of Services:

TV Cable – $56

ETAPA – $24

Prices include 12% IVA

Upcoming Courses: 

  1. Blog Course : August 15, 2012
  2. Digital Photo Course: August 22, 2012

Details at The Computer Courses Page


8 thoughts on “Internet And Course Update

  1. I have had TV Cable since May of this year. I pay $46 and change. I had only one downtime for several hours and one for about half an hour. My needs are not the same as yours but I can watch USTVNOW and download movies to watch. They were here to install on time. For my needs I am pleased with the service.

  2. My ustvnow always stops and starts. We only have the middle of the road package from tv cable. I am wondering if upping the package will help eliminate that problem?

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    • Terry, I have two friends that are very happy with PuntoNet. I tried to get them and there wasn’t a line of sight to their tower. In my case TV Cable turned out to be the right choice since I get more bang for the buck with speed

  4. Hi, I´m coming to live in Cuenca next year and Internet speed is one of my worries as I work based on it. Thanks for the info. I´m starting to follow. greets from Portugal.

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