Podcasts – Iphone & Ipad App

Apple has just released Podcasts via the APP Store  a free Podcasting APP  for their IOS devices.  Podcasting has always been a techy endeavor. You first had to download the podcast to your computer and then sync it over to your favorite IOS device.  The release of this APP makes the whole process simple.  Ars Technica summarizes the whole process here.

Now I can subscribe and listen to my favorite podcasts without involving Itunes or my computer. This is a “Run, don’t walk to APP”


3 thoughts on “Podcasts – Iphone & Ipad App

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  2. I have a 4g iPad and in the states I use a data plan with att. What is the equivalent in Cuenca? Can you get Internet service without wireless? Thank you for your updates.

    • Sorry for the long delay. I was moving and didn’t have Internet until today. No 4G in Cuenca. You can get 3g service. I have an Iphone and usually get 2mb down. I also have a WiFi only Ipad and have no trouble finding WiFi Hotspots.

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