Teatro Incorrecto

Sometimes in life you take a wrong turn and get lost and sometimes you find a treasure.  Last night Sharon and I were rushing to the free Cuenca Symphony Performance at the Teatro Sucre y Luis Cordero.  Even though we have lived here over a year we found ourselves in the Teatro Cultura on Luis Cordero.  I was shocked when the normally free concert was $10 apiece.  But, shock turned to joy when we found ourselves being entertained by Altiplano, an outstanding Chilean band. Both Sharon and I lost count at 30 instruments but each of the 5 players played at least 4 different instruments and the lead entertainer played at least 10 different instruments.  A wonderful evening of beautiful Andean music.

Of course live music always sounds better  but the video below is a good sampling of the great music that evening.

13 thoughts on “Teatro Incorrecto

  1. looks like so much fun, i really like that kind of music. but the video won’t play, it says its private?

  2. loved the music! we are moving to cuenca mid to late july and are busy packing etc. watching your video reminded me i still have to go out and buy a video recorder. you had mentioned the one you use and i looked into that one. seems pretty simple to use, just what i need. quick question:
    cannon has since come out with a R30 model, with wifi. the reviews are mixed, but almost every owner complains about the battery life, somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes. the software to transfer to your computer and the wifi function are getting mixed reviews as well. does your R20 model also have this short battery life? If not, i might just go with this older model. I appreciate your response,

    • Hi Judith,

      All the videos you see on the blog are taken with the R20. Simple to use. Very compact and as you can see excellent results even under poor lighting conditions. The drawback is the battery life. I’m lucky to get 60 minutes in a charge. The last piece on the Altiplano concert was the best but I had run out of battery power by that time. Still I feel I have made a good choice for the price vs. performance.

      Looking forward to meeting you when you arrive.

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  4. Hi,
    I saw your video of Altiplano. My wife’s dance company http://wylliams-henry.org/artisticdirectors/MaryPatHenry brought Alitplano to Kansas City Mo for a joint concert over 10 years ago. They are wonderful musicians and people. We have lost contact and would like to reach Mauricio Viccencio the leader of Altiplano. Could you ask Runi Maki for contact information for Mauricio & Altiplano ? I follow your blog with great interest in Ecuador & Cuenca. Thanks

      • Thanks for the quick reply. We have sent Mauricio an e-mail and will Facebook Altiplano. Our youngest daughter spent a month in Ecuador in 2010 working in the mountain area around Otavalo. She also spent time in Quito and then a week in Galapagos. We have thought to spend time in Merida Mexico when we retire. I have been following Ecuador and Cuenca for the last two years and have seen the upsurge in interest. We would like to visit Cuenca and also look at the coast if possible next spring, early summer for a month.

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