The Dangerous Streets Of Cuenca (Sarcasm)

We are having a challenge convincing some important people in our lives to come visit us in Cuenca so Sharon and I created this video of our  barrio (neighborhood).  The video is a little longer than most of the videos I create but I think it’s worth a view because of Sharon’s sense of humor and insight.

6 thoughts on “The Dangerous Streets Of Cuenca (Sarcasm)

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  2. I love your video. We are thinking of retiring to Ecuador. … it is hard to think about leaving my grandkids behind.

  3. Great video. Too many people are easily frightened!!! God has NOT given us a spirit of fear! Most of it is prejudice.

    • I can’t WAIT to come visit!!! That river looks awesome, I think Noah in particular would love it! I remember open air flower markets, Lily will love those!

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