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Recently there was a discussion on “Ecuador Expat Group” on Facebook about watching “The NCAA Basketball Final Four” Some interesting posts were raised. I thought I would share my experience with DirecTV and encourage other people to share their experience with TV Cable, the other TV provider in Cuenca.

DirecTV Installation, Setup and Cost:

  • The installation crew showed up as promised and on time.  The installation went flawless and took 20 minutes.
  • I opted for the HD Recorder and the basic packages
  • Cost for Installation was $84
  • Cost per month is $43 – taken out of my credit card on the first of each month

DirecTV Pros:

  • Extremely reliable
  • Pristine picture
  • Easy to use remote
  • English Track on select programs

DirecTV Cons:

  • No Network (ABC, CBS,NBC) programming. Fox is available
  • Limited English channels
  • Limited selection of movies
  • No PBS programs

To be fair my wife and I are not avid TV watchers.  I will probably cancel the DirecTV contract at the end of April. The initial contract was for 6 months.  I find myself using Apple TV for NBC and CBS News and tech video podcasts.

I’ll look forward to posting comments from others who subscribe to DirecTV and TV Cable.

12 thoughts on “Television In Cuenca

  1. We have TV Cable here in Cuenca. The installation was free (and they had to drill holes for the proper cable). It is also our internet provider. We are very happy with it. The installation was professional and the service for both internet and TV has been professional and on time. Our total for both is less than $100 a month. We have the same pros and cons that Len listed for DirecTV.

  2. We used USTVnow over the computer and were very happy with it. It takes a good streaming internet, though. We had TVCable with the $49 strength. (Can’t remember the mb). Was reliable about 98% of the time. We also got the websites of US networks over the computer for any programs we had missed and wanted to see. This requires a blocking service – we used at $6/mo and were very happy with it. Used the free Hotspot Shield for awhile, but too many pop ups and ads.

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  4. DirecTV has been my provider for just over a year now. Cost is comparable with my old service in the US and is quite reliable and high quality. Granted, much of the programming is in Spanish, but is to be expected in Latin America. I have the “full monty” package and a majority of the movies are in English. History Channel, Discovery, and other also carry many English language programs. The free (USA off air networks) website connected to a TV works fairly well (not perfect – but is free). DirecTV also accepts my USA bankcard which is another convienience. In addition, getting Major League Baseball, NFL football, the Final Four, the NBA, etc. is also a great reason for subscribing to DirecTV. (for me, at least) (s) Self admitted TV junkie)

  5. Hey Tommy,

    How much does it cost to get the nfl,nba or mlb packages down there?Could’nt live down there without these!Sports junkie also!

    • It’s Lenny, but I answer to anything except “late for dinner”. Your best bet is to get an Apple TV or a Roku box. They have all the plans and you can find out what the package costs before coming to Ecuador.

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