– Funny Name, Great Search Engine

Tired of using Google as your main search engine. might be a funny name but there is nothing funny about the excellent results. DDG is different from Google in the following ways:

  • Privacy – DDG does not track your clicks or search results
  • No Ads
  • Zero Click

The Screenflow video below show the various strenthgs of DuckDuckGo

ScreenFlow – Part One

If you’re not a Mac Geek then Screenflow will be of no interest to you. It is basically the best screencasting, video editing combocasting program around.  What will be of interest to everyone who reads this blog is how I recorded the video and then added original music( which I created using Garageband), voice over, text and annotation. I’m in the learning mode so get ready for some better productions in the future.

The 2:30 video below is about my walk to the barber shop and what I encountered on the way. Basically I treked through 4 Cuenca Barrios without walking through El Centro.

Podcasts – Part Two

In Podcasts Part One I reviewed Podcasts that are produced by large companies or networks.  Podcasts Part Two is all about a Podcast by an individual.

Attention all Geeks. If you are not listening to Nosillacast then you are missing the premier podcast on all things Mac/Apple. Allison Sheridan is a Geek’s Geek yet she is very outgoing and extroverted. If you need help or just want to hang out with Apple Geeks then this is your kind of podcast.

She has a new show every Sunday night. The screenflow videdo below is a quick review of her podcast.

El Centro Video

I was walking,  shopping and shooting some video in El Centro  when a stranger (American) stopped me and asked me what Camcorder I was using. I highly recommend the Canon HF R20.  It’s HD, it fits in the palm of your and so you can carry it in a purse or a murse(man’s purse). It has a great 28X optical zoom and the street price in the U.S. is $280. He asked me about courses in Cuenca and so here is your shameless self promotion pitch.  I’m offering two courses coming up in the next month.

  • How To Create A Blog That People Will Read
  • What Do You Do After You Take Your Digital Photo

Details can be found on the Computer Courses Page.

I thought the  Youtube video below would be of special interest to those people who are planning to travel to Cuenca.  My journey took me to a video store where I purchased 3 Blu-Ray Videos for $10.  My second stop was at Cafe Loja where I purchased a pound of freshly roasted coffee for $3. My last stop was at Mercado Diez de Agosto where I bought 3 papayas, 3 avocadoes, 5 peaches and a pound of strawberries for $4.50.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Cuenca.

Dropbox – Part Two

In Dropbox Part One  I introduced Dropbox as one of my favorite cloud services to store and share photos, videos and generally large files.

In the Screenflow video below I demonstrate how to move pictures from your photo program and then how to send out a notice to friends that the folder can now be viewed by them.


Cuenca Tech Life is offering their first computer workshop ( How To Create A Blog That People Will Read) on March 28, 2010. Please see the course description here

Podcasts – Part One

One of my favorite activities each day is sitting in my favorite chair and watching my favorite podcasts via my Apple TV. I subscribe to approximately 25 podcasts. Most of them are tech related but I also subscribe to Network TV News, and PBS Podcasts.

There are many ways to subscribe to a Podcast. I prefer my Apple TV but you can subscribe via your computer, IPod, Smartphone or Tablet (IPad, Kindle) of choice.

Now that I live in Ecuador, subscribing to the Network News gives me a chance to see (the very same day)the podcast in HD .

Here is a list of some of my subscribed podcasts:

  • Buzz Out Loud
  • The Apple Bytye
  • IPad Today
  • NBC Nightly News
  • Rachel Maddow Show
  • Meet The Press
  • Ted Talks
  • Anderson Cooper 360

What are some of your favorite podcasts?  On what device do you listen to your podcasts?

Below is a screenflow video of a podcast definition and the opening to Buzz Out Loud