News, News, News.

Yesterday,  I conducted the workshop. ” How To Create A Blog That People Will Read”.  We had 3 students. 2 students already had a blog using Google’s Blogspot platform and one student was completely new to blogging.

The student who never blogged is a Cuencana that will be developing a new business to help expats with needed services. The other student I am waiting to hear about announcing her blog and the third student is Sharon my wife who started her new blog on quilting.

Please look at the computer courses page for upcoming workshops.

This is Sharon’s homepage below.

2 thoughts on “News, News, News.

  1. I won’t have any trouble finding Sharon’s blog, but when the Cuencana gets hers up, can you let us know? I’m planning to do my exploratory visit in the fall, and she might be helpful. I can also find her if she’s listed in the South of Zero blogroll.

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