ScreenFlow – Part One

If you’re not a Mac Geek then Screenflow will be of no interest to you. It is basically the best screencasting, video editing combocasting program around.  What will be of interest to everyone who reads this blog is how I recorded the video and then added original music( which I created using Garageband), voice over, text and annotation. I’m in the learning mode so get ready for some better productions in the future.

The 2:30 video below is about my walk to the barber shop and what I encountered on the way. Basically I treked through 4 Cuenca Barrios without walking through El Centro.

10 thoughts on “ScreenFlow – Part One

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  2. The sound on my YouTube (Toshiba Satellite laptop) no longer works. This happened once in the past, then started working again with no assistance from me. The sound works on everything else. Any suggestions?

  3. I hear the sound fine. The problem is likely the settings on her video player. If that’s not it, she could also try uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Flash.

  4. What is the name/location of your favorite bakery in Cuenca? One of my daughters loves breads and baked goods so we are working on a list of panaderias to visit when we come down in June.

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