El Centro Video

I was walking,  shopping and shooting some video in El Centro  when a stranger (American) stopped me and asked me what Camcorder I was using. I highly recommend the Canon HF R20.  It’s HD, it fits in the palm of your and so you can carry it in a purse or a murse(man’s purse). It has a great 28X optical zoom and the street price in the U.S. is $280. He asked me about courses in Cuenca and so here is your shameless self promotion pitch.  I’m offering two courses coming up in the next month.

  • How To Create A Blog That People Will Read
  • What Do You Do After You Take Your Digital Photo

Details can be found on the Computer Courses Page.

I thought the  Youtube video below would be of special interest to those people who are planning to travel to Cuenca.  My journey took me to a video store where I purchased 3 Blu-Ray Videos for $10.  My second stop was at Cafe Loja where I purchased a pound of freshly roasted coffee for $3. My last stop was at Mercado Diez de Agosto where I bought 3 papayas, 3 avocadoes, 5 peaches and a pound of strawberries for $4.50.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Cuenca.

10 thoughts on “El Centro Video

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  2. I love the video and your camera. I have an iphone that works pretty well but the real time zoom is choppy. Do you know anyone there that has an Amateur radio or HAM license? I am interested at I have one and when I visit I would like to bring a radio with me. Just wondering if there are any Expat HAMS there. Thanks for your blog. de Steve in SF Bay Area of Calif.

      • Thanks for your reply. No, I don’t have a facebook account. I did some research this morning and found that there is something called “echolink” and there is one node in Ecuador. I am able to connect to it here in Calif and talk to other HAM operators thru the internet to 2 meter radio frequencies. If I hear where it is located in your country I will let you know. I have not yet made a contact with another HAM in Ecuador. I have worked Argentina though on 7 Mhz. high freq. from San Francisco. Take Care, Steve

      • Steve, here is what I got back from Facebook.

        You will find several HAM operators at HCJB in Quito. My dad used to be one of the operators there. That’s how we used to “call” home to the States when I was growing up. HC1CU was their call sign back then. Probably still is? They had a program called the DX Partyline on the radio for years. I don’t know if they still do or not.
        59 minutes ago · Like
        Margarita Goodhart
        Al, try to get ahold of Iris Rausch at HCJB “Global Hands”—she has been running the ‘radio’ there for many years and yes, she speaks English. Phone # in Quito for HCJB is 593 2 226 2142 or if dialing right in Quito, 226-2142…and ask for “radio.”

      • Hi again! I checked on the QRZ.com web and unfortunately that call sign is no longer active. DX partyline ceased operations almost 1 year now. The final podcast is avail as a download for folks that wish to hear it. I went to the HCJB site and there is a job opening for an IT/Telecommunications person for 1 to 3+ years. That would be a great opportunity for the right person to make a move to Ecuador. I believe that the position is near Quito.


        See you further down the log. I have been enjoying your reviews of software and other tech gadgets stuff. I dabble also in MAC and Ubuntu Linux at home.
        Take care de Steve in SF Bay area.

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